Recommended Resources

Check this page frequently, as we hope to make this an ever-expanding list! We also encourage you to submit your own recommendations for this page.

Worship-related Articles

The Church and the Arts: Some Common Ground and Some Common Sense by Kevin DeYoung
Why So Many Words In Worship? by Kevin DeYoung
Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs: A Paradigm for the Church of the Future by Gerrit Gustafson
The Mediation of Christ in Worship by Robb Redman
Don’t Go to Church? What’s Really Happening on Sunday Morning by Jeff Purswell
Evangelistic Worship by Tim Keller
Wired for a Life of Worship by Louis Giglio
Reflections on Worship and Worship Leading by Bob Kauflin

Video and Audio messages on worship

Recordings of all sessions from the WorshipGod09 conference
Worship: God Transforms by Mark Driscoll
A Discussion with John Piper and D.A. Carson – skip ahead to approx. 19:50 for thoughts on worship


“Awaken the Dawn” – Keith & Kristyn Getty


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